Tuesday, 14 December 2010

An enjoyable shopping experience?

Since opening my own shop I have become acutely aware of the whole shopping experience and how it varies enormously from one shop to another.  I know what kind of shopping environment I enjoy myself and I absolutely promise that at Starfish Studio you will always have the opportunity to browse for as long as you like with no pressure to buy anything.

Yesterday I went to the Brechin Castle Centre - a garden centre with a large outdoor country park and play area.  I went specifically because they do a lovely lunch there and, as with all big garden centres these days, it has an interesting foodie section with unusual treats for yummy Christmas pressies. 

As I wandered around the store I became increasingly irritated by product videos playing over and over, demanding that I buy various items.  I kid you not, I counted FIVE different ones and they each ended with the line, "Take your magic bubbles/ cheese slicer/ advanced geared bypass loper (yes really) to the till NOW". 

One even said, "Take one or more 'handy clearaways' to the till NOW"

There were actually two separate videos for different types of cheese slicer - am I a bad wife and mother for risking life and limb in our kitchen by only having a terrifyingly dangerous small knife for this purpose?

I can't think of anything more likely to make me NOT buy something than an irritating sales rep's voice telling me what I want to buy over and over again.

Then I started to imagine how Starfish Studio would be with video clips from my suppliers all telling my customers what they need...

Quirkycat : 
"Do you despair that your necklaces can only be worn one way around?  With a necklace from Quirkycat you not only have the excitement of varying your look with our beautiful double sided necklaces, you are safe in the knowledge that each one is completely unique as they are all handmade by me in Inverbervie.  Choose from a wide selection of colour combinations and take your Quirkycat necklace to the till NOW."

Ceri White :
"Do you have a blank piece of wall that makes your home look dull and empty?  Worry no more!  The solution to your predicament is a unique ceramic tile handmade by me in my Fife studio.  Just imagine the compliments you'll receive from visitors for years to come.  Choose from a selection of styles and take your Ceri White tile to the till NOW."

Lazy Daisy Glass :
"Is there a room in your house that is seriously lacking a clock?  If so you run a real risk of missing that all important appointment.  You must rectify this situation immediately by choosing from a selection of Lazy Daisy Glass clocks.  Each one not only ticks, it tocks too and is handmade by me in my studio near Keith.  Take your Lazy Daisy Glass clock to the till NOW."

Ness Soap : 
"Do you ever have the need to wash your hands?  If so you need to immediately purchase several bottles of Ness Soap's lovely liquid soap in a variety of scents.  Our soaps, foam bath and body wash are made in the Highlands as a social enterprise project.  Take one or more bottle of each variety to the till NOW."

I think my customers would run screaming from the place - I know I would!



  1. Hee hee. These beautiful Handmade lovelies all speak for themselves. I love my Quirky Cat necklace : )

  2. I will be hiring you to write my info-mercial very soon!!


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