Friday, 8 March 2013

Great Tapestry of Scotland part 3

During my most recent stint of working on the pane my focus was on getting the apron finished but, as it's a very, very repetitive part, I kept my sanity by spending a few hours on that and then switching to the washing line, which was much more fun to do!

Here are some close ups - string vest,


and the all important bloomers!

The night before I was due to hand over to Gail I was stitching like a dervish to get the apron finished.  To break up this very large expanse of one colour, I added a couple of patches.  After all, Jessie's a hard working woman without much money, and she was maybe looking a bit too glamorous!

I also felt it was time she had a face so she could see what's going on!

I haven't shown you the fab stockings that Gail stitched when she last had charge of Jessie.  
They are fantastic, especially the wee ladder!