Friday, 8 March 2013

Great Tapestry of Scotland part 3

During my most recent stint of working on the pane my focus was on getting the apron finished but, as it's a very, very repetitive part, I kept my sanity by spending a few hours on that and then switching to the washing line, which was much more fun to do!

Here are some close ups - string vest,


and the all important bloomers!

The night before I was due to hand over to Gail I was stitching like a dervish to get the apron finished.  To break up this very large expanse of one colour, I added a couple of patches.  After all, Jessie's a hard working woman without much money, and she was maybe looking a bit too glamorous!

I also felt it was time she had a face so she could see what's going on!

I haven't shown you the fab stockings that Gail stitched when she last had charge of Jessie.  
They are fantastic, especially the wee ladder!


  1. So looking forward to seeing the finished project!

  2. Wow Kate! Your panel is amazing - although a tad worn Jessie's apron is beautiful, love the details - her laddered stockings, the 'knitted' red socks, jaunty wooden pegs, striped frilly bloomers...but the awesome string vest really blew me away! Wonder how Jessie will change before her next trip to yours!
    Love the sheepy blog background too!
    Ali x

  3. It's looking fantastic Kate, I love the washing line - looks such fun to stitch! I love the way you are thinking about things from Jessie's point of you too, we do this with our cave people - though we haven't named them! Those stockings are brilliant too!

  4. Hi Kate I'm really interested in your reference to Isabella Bruce in the bottom lefthand corner of your super panel the Steamie. The description fits my granny Bruce fron Edinburgh except for the dates.Lorna

    1. Hi Lorna
      That corner was stitched by Gail Hughes and therefore refers to her granny! If you could get in touch via the contact form at I can pass your details on to her. Posting an email address on here is probably not a good idea in case it's picked up by spammy things.


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