Tuesday, 14 May 2013

The Cairn O'Mount

If you've ever heard the Radio Scotland travel reports during the winter months, you'll be familiar with the phrase, "The B974 Banchory to Fettercairn road is closed due to snow"!

Yesterday, however, the sun was shining when I drove over this stunning route.  
Locally, this old military road is better known as the Cairn o'Mount.

  It is a fantastic drive which rises through forest to the bleak, rolling hill tops, peaking at 454 metres above sea level,  before descending down into Fettercairn.

I've driven past this ruin many times, but this time I stopped to take a few photos of the building and the burn that runs close by.

This photo was taken from the viewpoint where the road starts to descend - you can just about make out the sea in the distance.

 Heading back down the hillside, I had hoped to stop at a second ruined building to take some photos but unfortunately some eejit was driving far too close behind me, and I missed my chance to park.  
Instead I pulled in to the car park at the restaurant beside the Clatterin' Brig to take a few snaps.

You can just make out the second ruin on the skyline.

And here it is with my camera on full zoom.

Adorable calves galloping around a field (do cows gallop or is it just horses?!).

Nearly at the end of the road and back into arable farming country.

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