Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Dunnottar Castle

Last Sunday we took friends to visit my absolute favourite castle, the magnificant Dunnottar Castle, which also happens to be just a 15 minute drive from home.
 It has the most stunning setting of any castle I've ever visited (and I'm a bit of a castleoholic so I've visited quite a few!). 

Dunnottar has seen its fair share of significant historical events, the most famous of which is that the Honours of Scotland (Scottish Crown Jewels) were stored here after Charles II had been crowned at Scone. 

Oliver Cromwell had taken Edinburgh Castle, so the jewels couldn't be returned there - instead they remained at Dunnottar for safe keeping.  When Cromwell's army besieged the castle the Honours were smuggled out to keep his sticky paws off them. 

There are a few stories about how this was done, but the most popular is that they were lowered down the cliff to a woman on the beach who hid them in her basket or under her petticoats (depending on which version you like best!). 

It is definite fact that they were taken to nearby Kinneff Church and were safely buried in the churchyard for eleven years before being returned to Edinburgh.

In a week when the nation is gripped by Royal Wedding fever, I spotted this happy couple who look very much at home in a castle of their own!


  1. What an incredible location for a castle! I'm amazed that I've never read about it before lovely to live so close to such a lovely coastline!

  2. Your right, what a fantastic setting for a castle. Reminds me slightly of Dumbarton castle, can't say why exactly. We spent a great day there, that's when the 'electric ferrets' came in to existence! Unfortunately we lost all of the photographs, a hazard of digital cameras.
    Your happy couple look as if they should be sitting on a cake. :o)

  3. Wow! Your photo of Dunnottar Castle has captured the light beautifully! Do you sell copies of your prints?

  4. No sorry, I don't sell prints of my photos but thanks for the compliment!
    Graeme Davidson has a great selection of pics of Dunnottar (and much more - I'm sure he sells prints.


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