Wednesday, 9 November 2011


Autumn is definitely my favourite season.  Maybe it's because I was an October baby?  I don't know.  What I do know is that few things make me happier than seeing beautiful golden and red leaves on a crisp autumn day.

Last week, Kirsty and I spent a day in the beautiful surroundings of Haddo House.  We were there for their annual Christmas Craft Fair as well as to walk around the lovely grounds and park.

Kirsty took a particular liking to this gorgeous tree, and she feels inspired to create an autumnal textile piece. 

We took lots of photos and collected fallen leaves and beech nuts to provide inspiration back at home.

The ground was covered, and I mean literally covered, in silvery webs which you could only see at certain angles.  Unfortunately this amazing sight didn't work well on camera, but here's a close up of a web that Kirsty wants to incorporate into her piece.

Her project is still at the early stages, but hopefully I'll be able to blog about it once it's finished. 
Meanwhile, here's a wall hanging I made recently using various autumnal shades. 



  1. Looking forward to seeing Kirsty's project.
    Your wall hanging is very evocative. I think Autumn is my second favourite season, I love the colours and smells. My favourite has to be Spring, but since I'm a March birthday perhaps you have hit on the reason why.

  2. What fabulous images - the trees are amazing shapes and colours - looking forward to Kirsty's project too. The cobwebs are soo cool - I love seeing them glistening and its really difficult to capture them in their glory - but you certainly did!
    Your wall hanging is beautiful and such great tones and textures very atmospheric.
    In Summer I look forward to Autumn and in winter I eagerly await Spring....
    Ali x


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