Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Montrose Textile

I've been a bit preoccupied since the fire.  It has taken ages to get everything sorted out - arranging assessors from 2 different insurance companies to visit, having the cleaning needs assessed and carried out, choosing replacement appliances and kitchen units, getting quotes from a joiner, floor layer and decorator.  The hardest things of all have been finding a replacement window blind and floor covering as we really liked the ones we already had!

This was only a small fire but the disruption has been enormous.  We still have to have the kitchen pulled apart to install new worktops, sink and a cupboard.  Never mind, we're getting there slowly.

Here's a piece I finished before Christmas but never quite got around to posting on here.

This fishy part was done using dissolvable plastic laid over the fibres before stitching them into place.  Dunking the fabric into warm water and watching the plastic melt away is fab!  I then stitched a few beads onto it for a bit of sparkle.

This section includes a piece of an old linen map (regular readers will know about my stash of these) showing Montrose Basin, the most amazing tidal basin which is just a few miles from here.

The third section is made up of various textures and was designed to complement the other two pieces.

Put them together and this is what you get, although the mount is actually now in a black frame (but it's impossible to photograph through the glass).


  1. Holy moly, just found out your most recent "excitement", glad everyone is ok despite the major disruption and scary "what ifs". Sending hugs x
    Gorgeous textiles too! x

  2. Wow Kate, I don't think I'd appreciated how much disruption the kitchen catastrophe would cause...the length of time it takes to sort everything out before you can get the people in to rebuild. Have been thinking of you and have stopped setting my washer off at inappropriate times!
    Love the colours and textures of your Montrose medley...the dissolvable plastic sounds fun!
    Hope we'll soon be able to read about your newly finished kitchen - and viewing the floor covering and window blind!
    Ali xx


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