Thursday, 1 March 2012


Wet felting is great fun and you can create the most beautiful things, but I find all the rubbing really hard on my hands (what a wimp!) so I don't play around with it very often.  I have, however, come to the conclusion that felt is the most wonderful fabric on the planet - it is versatile, so easy to sew with and, best of all, it doesn't fray!  Simple sheets of machine made felt have made a great backing fabric for these hearts.

In a perfect world I'd be backing these with beautiful Harris Tweed, but I looked at the cost and it would mean a fair an investment on my part and a higher retail price to pass on to my customers.

I've made a few hanging hearts with three dimensional, fluffy animals.

Here's another use for those old maps I keep talking about!  
The trees are nice and fluffy, made from gorgeously soft silk laps.

And here are a couple of boats for all you sea lovers!


  1. I especially like the map ones. But they are all lovely.

  2. How cool Kate, love your hearts <3 ! The maps are a great idea, and everything is sooo colourful..would love to have a squidge! Roll on feelyvision!
    Ali x

  3. Those hearts are so cute and would make a beautiful gift.

  4. Love the highland cow:o) Those maps are perfect with the trees, very clever.
    I know what you mean about the cost of the tweed . Eeek!. Have you considered 'felted' jumpers. I did it by accident the first time ( oops!) but now I trawl charity shops for wool jumpers to use. I prefer the chunky texture to that of machine felt and it probably works out as reasonably priced

  5. Thanks for all the lovely comments :)
    I've tried felting charity shop jumpers but it didn't work very well. Maybe they weren't pure wool?


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