Saturday, 8 September 2012

'Under the Sea' wall hanging

I had so much fun making this, which is just as well as it took forever!! 
It combines lots of different techniques...

The fish and seahorses were made by fusing all kinds of fibres with my embellisher, cutting these to shape, 
hand stitching them on to the background and lightly stuffing them.

  The jellyfish was made by fusing angelina fibres.

The sea bed is a combination of shibori felting and pebbles made from circles of fabric, 
gathered and stuffed into pebbly shapes.

These tubular sea plants are made of small, thin lengths of felt which were rolled 
into tiny tubes and wrapped with gold thread.

Finally the shoal of small fish are made from shiny gold fabric, carefully applied with tiny stitches.

The whole piece was finished off with silver bias binding and backed with turquoise felt.


  1. Totally awesome! I really miss having a browse through the shop since we moved from Bervie.

  2. OOOOH Kate how fantabulous - I love your shiny colourful stunning wall hanging -so much to see and feel! It must have taken you yonks to create - really pleased you enjoyed it. So great to see so many techniques and textures - the sea bed is amazing and those tubular sea plants are soooo groovy!!
    Humming Octopus's Garden as I write!!
    Ali xx

    1. Thanks Ali x
      I had to google 'Octopus's Garden' - is that shocking?!

  3. Yet another stupendous wall hanging Kate, how do you do it.
    Is that shibori panel the piece you blogged about a while back or did you make it especially for this hanging?

    1. 'Stupendous' - I like that, thanks :)
      The shibori was actually made ages ago when I was experimenting with fixing the dyes in the microwave. In doing so a marble exploded and burned the felt! The bits used in the hanging were salvaged from the non-burnt parts!

  4. This is just wonderful, I am in awe of your talents!


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