Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Dunnottar Castle

I'm very lucky to live close to the magnificent ruins of Dunnottar Castle.  
It has long been my favourite subject to paint, but I'm much happier with fabric and thread than with a paintbrush these days, so I recently made a textile version.

The distinctive buildings were cut from ribbon and fused onto the background fabric before being stitched into place.

The cliffs were cut from numerous different patterned fabrics, which were arranged to reflect the shadows on the rocky outcrop on which Dunnottar sits.

I made a similar (but purple) textile Dunnottar a few years ago and, 
although I was pleased with the outcome, it was very fiddly to do.  
Thankfully I have since learned a lot about the order in which textile pictures need to be constructed, and the simple combination of Bondaweb and an iron, made the stitching part much, much easier this time!

The windows were all hand stitched onto the tower.

I was actually really quite chuffed with how the back looked!

Ta da!  Here's the finished piece.


  1. That is wonderful. I live in Western Australia tho originally Scottish. I am in an online quilting group called Lally-quilters, as fans of Diana Gabaldon's books set in Scotland to start with and returning. We love all things Scottish and make our blocks often to represent things from the books. I am going to share this with them if ye don't mind.

    1. Thanks Kate. I don't mind at all - I'm very flattered! Thank you :)

  2. Wow how cool! Love all the colours and textures Kate.
    Glad you have found a more satisfying way to piece it together before stitching!
    What a neat behind you have too!
    A mega multi-media monument!
    Ali x

    1. Thanks Ali. No-one had ever said I have a 'neat behind' before - I like that!! x


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