Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Box No.2

I enjoyed making the poppies box in my last blog so much that I've been busy working away on another one.

I took an absolutely gorgeous piece of shimmery silk and needle felted all kinds of woolly and sparkly textures to it.  I then stitched on lots of tiny beads in complementary colours.

Next I painted a pine box using chalk paint, waxed it and rubbed it to a lovely smooth finish.  The silk was stretched over a tiny canvas and fixed into the lid of the box, et voila!


  1. It's beautiful Kate! Lovely colours. Very 'of the sea' : )

  2. What a brill beautiful bluey box Kate, I love the dangly and the bursting beyond the box bits! I can see your influences!!

    (Thanks for that Brummie link too - hadn't seen it before and its great!)
    xx Ali


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