Friday, 2 December 2011


When I first bought my wonderful embellishing machine I made this poppy picture but was never quite sure what to do with it!  It was too small to stretch onto a canvas and I wasn't sure that it would look as effective from behind glass, so it has been lying in my sewing room for a few months, waiting for some inspiration to come my way.

That inspiration came through an art materials catalogue in which I found plain wooden boxes with a small canvas inlaid into the lid. 
So after carefully painting and waxing the box, I wrapped the poppies around the wee canvas and this is the result.

Another recent project has been the rennovation of a box given to me by a friend.  I think it's made of bamboo and the gaps between the uprights made it tricky to paint. 

I painted it using pale blue chalk paint and used a stencil to add the seed heads.  Then I waxed it and lined the bottom with some wadding and a complementary fabric.

I plan to put both boxes into the shop for sale, but I always struggle with pricing.  It's so difficult.  Do other crafters have a formula for pricing their work? 


  1. Great job, both boxes look great. Wish I could help you with pricing but I'm useless at it. My husband is always despairing of my haphazard method, namely " what would I pay for it". He builds custom bass guitars and prices things much more methodically.
    The best I can come up with is pretty simplistic
    1. cost of materials
    2. time spent on project, including preparation ( i.e sourcing, measuring )
    3. profit margin

  2. OOOh what pretty poppies very colourful...and such a fab way to present them - a great find! Love the other box too.
    Sorry Kate - I've no idea on pricing..haven't had to jump that hurdle yet! ;)
    xx Ali


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