Thursday, 10 May 2012

Fife Open Studios 2012

This year Kirsty & I treated ourselves to an overnight stay in order to make the most of the Fife event.  
We visited a total of 16 venues and saw metalwork, painting, textiles, glass, ceramics and an assortment of mixed venues.  A really fun day and a half out.

One of the wonderful things about touring around open studios is that you get to visit places that you'd never normally see.  The venues we visited ranged from the stately home at Mountquhanie... a quaint thatched cottage in Collessie... a workshop in the woods near Falkland.

This workshop is where Dave McKeen makes his amazing wooden boxes that we have for sale in Starfish Studio.  He builds secret drawers and towers of drawers into his work, and they are a constant source of amazement to my customers!

Here are some works in progress.  These include a secret drop down tower and comprise 54 individual pieces, all carefully numbered to be sure that they go back in the right places!

The signage to the various studios was very good, my favourite being the row of chillies leading the way to Chillilicious in Ceres.

At this venue, just like last year, Kirsty had a go at making her own fused glass creation.  
Now we just have to wait for the postie to deliver the finished, fused piece!


  1. An overnight stay! What a great way of getting the most out of the event. It's the open studio event ( Spring Fling) in Dumfries and Galloway at the end of the month and I only manage to get to see a small portion of those that are available, usually the ones closer to home. Hadn't thought of an overnight stay somewhere though, probably because I never think of staying ' on my own doorstep' so to speak .

    Hope the postie doesn't take too long.

    1. Go for it Linnhe! My justification was that the cost of fuel for a second (return) journey down to Fife would be about £25. The overnight accommodation cost £51 so, by my reckoning, it only cost £26 for two people to enjoy a night's bed & breakfast - bargain!

  2. Hi there, thank you for visiting my blog today. Your little gallery looks amazing, jam packed with gorgeous things, just my kind of place. Will certainly be paying you a visit sometime soon !!


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