Friday, 22 June 2012

Getting organised

My sewing room up in the attic is my favourite place to be, but organising the storage has always been a problem due to the very low, sloping ceiling.  As a result the table surfaces have always been covered with fabric, threads, etc which makes it very difficult to lay anything out properly and also to put anything large through the sewing machine and embellisher.

Determined to find a solution I did a bit of googling and found this fantastic thread organiser which fits into the window recess.  This has to be the best thing I've bought so far this year!

The lack of vertical walls means there aren't many places to fit shelves and consequently these piles of fat quarters had annoyingly been sitting on the desk behind the sewing machine for a long time, but (with the help of my DIY dad) I managed to squeeze some shelves in here.  The result has transformed the place and I'm now spending even more time up in my wee bolt hole! 


  1. Ooooh I have just bought a amaller one of these, it only holds 49 reels which I thought I would be loads but I'm surprised by how many threads I actually have!! They are totally genius and I agree - everyone needs one! x

  2. Wow, I love your thread organiser, it fit the space perfectly.
    I'm such a messy worker that I'm afraid no matter how organised I am to begin with my workroom very quickly descends into chaos. Guess you just can beat pesky physics and those laws of thermodynamics! :o)


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