Saturday, 30 June 2012


If you follow Starfish Studio on Facebook you may have seen a photo of some felt leaves that I've been working on.  I stitched onto them using metallic threads and added beads and stars, making each one different.

They were then stitched onto this tree.  The background is lightly quilted in an assortment of yellows and oranges and the tree was cut from a single piece of felt.  It's finished off with red bias binding.

I really enjoyed making this - it took a very long time, is a mixture of machine and hand stitching and involved lots of positioning and repositioning!


  1. Treemendous Kate! What a lot of luscious the individuality of each one. The background is stunning too - amazing colours shapes and details!
    Lots of hard work - looks fab!
    Ali x

  2. Stunning! Makes me look forward to a sunny ( dry! ) Autumn.


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