Friday, 18 March 2011

A day in Arbroath

 I recently headed south to Arbroath to have a wander around on a chilly but sunny day.  It's always interesting to watch the comings and goings in a large harbour.

The marina

I've been to Arbroath several times before, but I'd never seen the walkway being raised to allow a boat to pass through into the boatyard for repairs - just like Tower Bridge on a much smaller scale!

As regular readers will know, I like to search out small, independent shops wherever I go, so I was delighted to find a (very) newly opened girlie delight on the High Street!

With an exterior like that, you just have to find out more!

The inside is a beautiful, magical, sparkly dreamworld for little girls.  There are dressing up and dancing outfits and accessories for sale, toadstools to sit on and a cleverly built tree dominating the interior. 

In a room at the back (accessed through a pink curtain of course) there's a further magical wonderland where little girls can go to fairy parties, hosted by none other than the Fairy Queen herself.

My girls would have absolutely loved this when they were younger, and in fact, when I showed them the photos my thirteen year old said, "We have to go there!".

I bought a couple of things for my niece's birthday and they were beautifully wrapped in purple cellophane, tied off with a lovely big ribbon - perfect.

You can find out more about what Sara Lou has to offer at

Finally, in Arbroath, if you're looking for a bite to eat I can highly recommend Sugar and Spice - keep walking down the High Street towards the sea and it's tucked away on the left hand side.

It's more than just a cafe, it's an old fashioned sweetie shop and gift shop too. Just be warned - the meringues are ENORMOUS!


  1. thanks for mentioning Arbroath and my shop. very much appreciated. Louise, Sara-Lou

  2. OOh What a fablous girly shop! Perfect for Nieces and Goddaughters! Sugar and Spice looks tempting too! Its good to know these lovely places are out there...! ;-)


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