Friday, 25 March 2011

SABAB Art Exhibition

There's a bright, vibrant art exhibition on in Montrose Library at the moment. 

The South Aberdeenshire Abstracts exhibition in Montrose Library still has a week to go, ending on Friday 1st April.  It features work by a number of artists who originally came together about a year ago to promote, develop and exhibit abstract work in the area.

As a member of this group, I have previously exhibited paintings, but at the moment I am particularly enjoying working with textiles and mixed media to create abstract works.

Unfortunately they don't photograph at all well!  These are made with loads of different fibres in various shades and textures, and I've sewn lots of tiny beads on that you just can't see in the photo.

Coincidentally, whilst typing the above I had a phone call from the library to tell me that one piece (not pictured here) has just been sold!!  Happy me :)

The other artists in the group include;

Angela Arnold

Gay Halley

Julia Macaulay & Janice Headrick
Unfortunately the reflections from the window meant that this corner was difficult to photograph. 

Jacky Niven

Gregor Phillips

Bern Ross

Pauline Newman
Michi Clark


  1. Fab photos and well done with the sale!

  2. OOh I love your colourful and textureful!! Fantastic! Hope you sell out!! Keep up the great work! ;-)


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