Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Needle felting kits

On our recent trip to the Royal Highland Show, Kirsty and I bought a kit to make a pair of needle felted faces.  We've not tried 3D needle felting before, so we took the kit on holiday to play with in the evenings (whilst watching the first 7 Harry Potter dvds!).

Whilst killing a bit of time in the shops of Oban, waiting for the ferry to Mull, we found a gorgeous wool shop which sold needle felting mermaid kits. 

So firstly we tried the faces..

and then moved on to the mermaids.  Just look at the concentration on Kirsty's face!!

This first one is mine - the kit actually had them with blank faces, but having just learned how to sculpt facial features, we decided to give them proper faces and a bit more personality.

Here is Kirsty's.  She also made a wee sister mermaid from the left over wool.

So now I know what to do (although I'm sure there's still plenty to learn) I'm thinking of making some to sell in the shop.  I made this wee Heilan' Coo with left over mermaid bits - needs a bit of tweaking, but it's a start!

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  1. OOh I love your faces - how fab to do some 3d sculpting together. The mermaids are magnificent - especially their flowing locks and swishing tails! You could have loads of fun with mermaids for the shop...curly Wensleydale or Teesawater for their hair-dos?!
    The coo is just fabulous - perfect shade of leftover mermaid!!
    Hope to see some more of your sculptural needlefelting!
    Ali x


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