Sunday, 17 July 2011


I don't want to bore you with all of my 375 holiday photos, but I HAVE to share these!

We spent a week on the beautiful Isle of Mull and were incredibly lucky with the weather.  Although we thoroughly enjoyed the whole week, the definite highlight was a trip to Staffa - about an hour by boat from Ulva Ferry. 

Fingal's Cave (made famous by Mendelssohn) is the one on the right.

Inside Fingal's Cave - you can clearly see the basalt columns of which the island is made.

A short walk away I fulfilled a long-held ambition of seeing puffins.  

Amazingly, we were able to sit and watch these amazing little birds from a distance of 3-4 feet.  I don't have a fantastic camera, but we were so close there was no need for big, fancy lenses. 

It was an amazing experience, watching the puffins come and go and listening to them making a very unusual, creaking kind of sound!

I can't recommend a trip to Staffa highly enough!

On another day we went across to Iona, and the weather was so fantastic that the sea looked positively Mediterranean!!


  1. Wow, thanks for sharing!! Those puffins are cute little guys (must put that on my "must do" list) and that sea is amazing!!

    S x

  2. Wonderful to see Staffa and Iona and THAT COLOUR of SEA!!! Did you sing in the cave? The acoustics are amazing! Those were the highlights of our trip to Mull too : )

  3. Wow! How cool - Fingal's cave - looks a bit calmer than some of the images the music conjours up!
    I love your puffin pics too how great to see them up close!
    The colour of the sea is amazing...there are so many wonderful sights around and about this island (and its islands!)
    Sounds like a memorable holiday..hope the handmade book contains some happy reminders!
    Ali x

  4. I now have a new place to add to my 'I really, really want to go there' list! It looks wonderful and I adore puffins too, how fantastic it must have been to be so close to them


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