Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Painting stones

Yesterday Kirsty and I went down to the beach to look for interesting stones to paint and add to the collection that sits outside our house.

Sometimes a stone just asks to be turned into something - the shape immediately tells you what it should become. 

Kirsty spotted this piece of slate and immediately knew that it just had to become a penguin!

She was originally going to make this one into the sea with a bit of harbour wall, but opted for a field and cottage instead.

I found this ghost shaped stone so we then had to scour the beach for a Pacman! 

I have a bit of a thing for painting sheep!

 This is one that Kirsty painted last year.  It has a lump on the back, just like the B button on a Wii remote, which is what inspired her to paint it!

Some of the painted stones outside our house have been there for 3+ years and are lasting really well. 

Recently a French customer came into my shop carrying one of the stones and was really disappointed when I told her they weren't for sale!


  1. Love the penguin one! Just the perfect shape. x

  2. How fantastic - I love the way the stones are transformed, that their shapes evoke different images to different people....you are both so creative.
    I'm trying to think if there'd be an urban equivalent...or maybe we'll have to collect a stone stash on holidays!
    Ali x


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