Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Angus Open Studios - part two

Having done the coastal route on Saturday, on Monday I set off inland, alone this time as Kirsty was at school.

I decided that it would be a good idea to go to the furthest point first and work my way back, so I covered about forty miles to get to the absolutely brilliant Peel Farm.  Despite it being open all year, I had never heard of this place before reading the AOS brochure.  It's an absolute gem!   


Above and below are photos of the shop - light and airy with an interesting mixture of crafts and homewares.

Here's the farm shop where I treated the family to a punnet of extra-yummy strawberries, first crop of the season.

I had a delicious lunch and took home some cup cakes for tea time - they had a great selection, including some with a Blue WKD icing!   There's a play area, walks and even a duck pond, so it's a great place for everyone to visit.  I'll definitely be back with the rest of my family one sunny Sunday!

In the shop I bought these locally made, coiled fabric bowls to keep some of my sewing bits & bobs in. 

From there I travelled back home via Kirriemuir, Tannadice and Edzell.  At Tannadice there were a few exhibitors at this lovely church venue.

View from the churchyard.

Inside there was a mixture of paintings and all kinds of crafts.  The artist who really caught my eye was Love and Peas - she has an interesting, quirky style that I love.  Kirsty's really interested in book binding and is working on her own creation at the moment.  I bought this gorgeous journal from Love and Peas for me to use and for her to be inspired by!

In Edzell I visited Amy Mason's studio.  Amy's a lovely lady who makes beautiful jewellery in silver clay and I'm delighted to say that she'll soon be bringing some over to Starfish Studio.

In total over the two days I visited a total of 21 artists and makers (some sharing venues) which is a pretty good result!

So that's it over until the same time next year.  It seems to have been a resounding success - it can't be easy to launch an event like this from scratch, so congratulations to all involved!

I've been spoiled recently with the Fife and Angus Open Studios to visit - during North East Open Studios I never get a chance to visit anyone else.  Before we know it it'll be time for NEOS again - September isn't really that far away!


  1. ooooh hellooo!!I'm so glad you popped over and visited my blog! What a delight to come and visit you and see you have a mini journal in your possession :) And such a wonderful twist of fate as I have been intending to come visit your lovely creative treasure trove since I discovered you in the AOS directory....small child and work keeps getting in the way!
    So nice to "meet" you in bloggy land, hopefully meet you in reality soon!
    oooh and I'd LOVE to see Kirsty's project when she's finished!Handmade books are my weakness :)x

  2. Hi Jenny - thanks for stopping by :)
    I tried to contact you via your blog earlier today, but Blogger (or maybe it was my computer) was playing up! I'd love to talk to you about maybe stocking your lovely things in the shop. If you're interested please contact me via the website
    Have you seen the '365-Make a Book a Day' blog? - there's link to it on the list to the right here. Someone has a lot more free time than I do!!
    Kate x

  3. What an inspiring way to spend a weekend - a feast of creativity! You sound like you had a productive time!
    Loving Love and Peas and the journal you gave to Kirsty...what a cool project she's working on too!
    Ali x


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