Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Sewing Room

At the top of our house we have two attic rooms.  They have a very low, sloped ceiling - too low to be used as a bedroom -  and the stairs to get up to them wouldn't be allowed with modern building regulations, but they are really lovely spaces. 

For several years, until opening Starfish Studio, I used the smaller room as an office.  As we don't have a garden, the larger room was used for drying washing, general storage and accomodating overnight guests on a futon.

Like most crafters, I've always been constantly frustrated at having to clear everything off the kitchen table mid-project just because pesky mealtimes get in the way.  To have a permanent sewing space would be perfect.

We toyed with the idea of flooring the enormous attic space above Ewan's shop, but access to it is very difficult  - in fact, without expensive modifications, it would involve virtually crawling!!  Instead we decided to reorganise the space we already have.

So, overnight guests and the washing are now in the smaller room, a lot of clutter has gone to charity shops/ the bin, and I have a fabulous sewing/ crafting room!

Embellisher and sewing machine are both now permanently out and ready to use. 
 The embellisher is in the favoured 'in front of the window spot' as it's my favourite machine :)

I do have to share the space with Kirsty sometimes!

I had fun making labels for the drawers - using watercolour and stamps.

The only 'problem' with this room is the view, which can be somewhat distracting!  (Not that I'm complaining!)


  1. Wow!! What an amazing space, full of creativity!! Love it! All those amazing crafty touches everywhere...had spotted your labels - glad you gave them a mention! Good to see that you have to share too sometimes- how great to have a creative daughter!
    I've always loved the idea of a room with sloping ceilings ...Milly Molly Mandy style...but being the height I am probably not very practical!
    It should spur me on to clear the clutter out of our spare room to have a usable crafty work space..instead of the corner of the settee!
    Best part of your sewing room though is the view...I can sea why its so distracting!
    Hope you have many happy creative hours up there!
    Ali x

  2. What a great room! It does make such a difference when you can leave your work in progress out all the time, as well as machines always being to hand instead of stuffed in cupboards out of the way.
    I see what you mean about the view. I don't think I'd ever get anything done if I had an ever changing, hypnotic sea to gaze out on.

  3. Great room Kate! Totally worth it when you are able to go easily from one machine to the other and have everything you need on hand. It will inspire your girls to make things too. My daughter had her first go on my sewing machine (which belonged to her Great Granny!) She is making lavender sachets for her teachers. Can't believe that is her almost finished P1!

  4. Isn't fab having your own room for crafting? I've had my own room for a few months now and love it!!

    I think your sewing chair would look fab re-covered.

    Am v. jealous of your gorgeous view!!

    S x

  5. Beautiful sewing room... I just started a new blog dedicated to sewing spaces... Would you like to be featured in it? Please email me if you're interested and we can decide on a date..


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