Friday, 17 June 2011


Remember these?

The card proofs have arrived...

... and I'm really chuffed with them!

I'm also having some cards printed with photos I took of the village in the snow.  I hope they'll sell well at Christmas.  I almost had them done with 'Merry Christmas' across them, but I reckon they look better just as they are.

Also, I'm having a whole load of cards printed of my paintings.  They are mostly reprints. but there are a few new designs in there too.


  1. They look amazing. Well done, I'm sure they'll be a big hit.

  2. They all look superb! I particularly like the doodle cards - so effective and unusual...I hope they fly off your shop shelves! Liz :)

  3. Wow Kate - they all look great! Those zentangles look really cool and I love the snow scenes - I like them as they are too - wording may have detracted from the picture and now they are must snow at times other than Christmas!!
    Good to see your colourful paintings... lots of different styles..fab!
    Proofs that you've got talent!! Keep it up
    Ali x

  4. Hi Kate! It was really lovely to come see your gorgeous studio and to meet you and Kirsty today. Thankyou SO much for your support :)
    Oh! And I've done a wee post today with Starfish Studios as the star attraction! :)x


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