Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Kirsty's Book

When we visited the Fife Open studios recently, Kirsty was very taken by some bookbinding that we saw.  She's very experienced at origami, having had two 'origami-a-day' calendars to teach her a lot about it (that's 730 origamis!), so she's good at handling paper.

Even so, bookbinding isn't exactly easy.  She had a really close look at the handmade books we saw in Fife and came up with a plan of her own.

Here she is, compiling various elements of the book in our fab new sewing room.

And, many, many hours later, here's the finished item. 
She's planning to use it to record our forthcoming holiday to the Isle of Mull.

 The cover is made from the back of an old art pad, covered in lovely fabric.

She bound the pages together with linen thread and was really keen to keep the threads visible in the spine.

The blue ribbon is threaded through the stitches and glued between the cover and the front and back pages.

Putting her origami skills into practice, Kirsty made two tiny envelopes and stitched them into the spine.

She used a variety of interesting papers and added shaped pages and tags.

Even the clock is stitched in.  She's planning to draw hands on this to show when our ferry leaves for Mull.


  1. Wow! Kirsty what an amazingly awesome book!
    I love all the different textured and coloured pages, the quirky designs of the tags shapes and clock are so cool.
    The blue material and ribbon make it look really luxurious and the decision to keep the threads visible make it all the more exciting!
    Kirsty must have worked really hard and I hope she enjoys filling her book with loads of happy holiday memories.
    So fanatabulous that the book will be used and take on another dimension, to be treasured.
    Well done you should be very proud.
    Keep up the cool creating Kirsty and all the inspiration and encouragement Kate!
    Ali x

  2. It really is heartening to see a young crafter putting new skills to such good use. Well done Kirsty, I hope you have as much fun filling your book as you obviously had making it.

  3. What a great book! I love the cover and all the neat features. The clock is a really cool idea!

  4. Absolutely gorgeous!!! Well done Kirsty. I'm SO impressed! Love the cover design too. Hope you all have a great time on Mull. If you decide to take a trip to Staffa, make sure you go with David Kirkpatrick. His boat leaves from Fionnphort and he will also drop you off on Iona : )

  5. That is beautiful, and I can tell that hours of time and love have gone into making it! It will make a perfect place to record all those holiday memories - great idea, and what talent, too!


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