Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Outside In!!

I've already posted this on my 'Photo a Day' blog, but I thought the folk who read this blog may find it interesting too.

This first photo shows the location of the later ones in relation to Starfish Studio.

The room above the shop was, for many years, a house belonging to Lizzie Blues.  In later life she was known as the Cat Lady due to the large number of cats she kept in this tiny house!  (I think I'll probably be a cat lady myself one day...)

Her house is now our living room, which I find staggering.  It's a decent sized room, but as an entire house, divided into a sleeping room and a living room, it would have been tiny.  No bathroom of course.

Enough of the history lesson, more about the photos.

The house was accessed via an external stone stair which you can see to the left of Starfish Studio.  The stones are quite worn so it was obviously in use for many, many years. 

As the door now opens directly into our living room, we never use it.  Coupled with the fact that we are extremely busy people with no natural gardening ability whatsoever, it's not surprising that the steps become very overgrown every summer.  I have to admit that I quite like this - there's a pretty fuscia growing out of the steps at the moment, and I love the rambling look of this spreading plant that has taken over.

But last night I noticed that the outside has started to come to the inside!  It's like the Triffids or the Little Shop of Horrors invading our living room!!

Time to get our gardening gloves on methinks!

FYI - the key in the above photo is the one from the ill fitting, ancient door that was here before we started all the building work.  This door in fact...

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  1. Whilst I love a good spontaneous sprouting..I prefer it to be outside!!. The now under-used once over-used steps do sound romantically rustic!
    Fingers crossed for the gardening...
    Ali x


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