Friday, 30 September 2011

Recent renovation projects

I need a bigger shop!

I really enjoy revamping scruffy old wooden things with the fabulous chalk paint from Annie Sloan.  I buy mine from Rustiques at Milton near Banchory.  The owner, Moira, is full of inspirational advice to anyone wishing to have a go themselves.

It's a chalk based paint which is very easy to use.  There's no tedious rubbing down and sanding to do before you get stuck in with the colour - yay!  Once the painting is finished, I brush on a soft wax and rub it down to give each piece a lovely sheen.

So, here are a few before and after photos of some of my recent projects.

This chair is really tiny but very chunky and solidly built.  It would suit a toddler or could maybe be used to display a plant?

This wooden box looks really, really old.  It was covered in bumps and scratches and had a big stain in the bottom. 

This table was very scruffy and wobbly.  A few new screws and a lot of paint and wax later, and the revamped version is now in use in my sewing room.

 The magazine rack was very fiddly to do with all the spindly bits taking quite a while.  I haven't decided yet whether this is finished, or I should do more to it?  Hmm...

And finally, here are some scruffy old wooden bowls that I've been revamping too.  Each one is completely different, painted and waxed entirely by hand.  They each have a felt base to protect furniture and are now available to buy in the shop.


  1. What fab renovating, recycling, and revamping Kate, hope some one enjoys rehoming and reloving them all - you have started with the sewing table!!
    Keep up the Rustiques redeveloping!
    Ali x

  2. Wow! You have been busy. Loving the bowls, I bet they fly out the door. You've filled me with inspiration. I picked up an old magazine rack to use for displaying unframed artwork at craft fairs but wasn't sure how to tie it in with the rest of my display. I now feel a little painting coming on!


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