Friday, 2 September 2011

Path to Abstraction

I'm extremely fortunate to be part of a very supportive group of local artists known as South Aberdeenshire Abstracts.  As a group we are able to exhibit in locations that would be much more difficult for an individual to secure and also to fill.

For most of September our 'Path to Abstraction' exhibition can be seen at the excellent Aberdeen Arts Centre.  For anyone planning to visit us as part of  North East Open Studios, please note the change of venue from last year.

It's a super building in central Aberdeen, and we have been given the main hallway and one large room to display our work.

Unfortunately my camera seems to have been on the wrong setting, and as a result all the people photos are blurry and the others are a bit dull as the flash didn't go off.  So annoying!

I have one painting and four textile pieces in the exhibition.  The textiles involve the use of pre felt, lutrador, acrylic paint, lots of hand sewn beads, free machine embroidery, and a secret metallic element!  Here's the biggest one...

...and here are some of the smaller pieces (they have lots of metallic threads and beads and are much brighter than they appear here).

Here are a few pics of paintings by various members of the group.

I was extremely happy to get the first red dot of the show - hope there are many more to come!

The exhibition runs until Saturday 24th September, so please pop in if you can.


  1. Woohoo! Congratulations on the red dot. Keeping my fingers crossed for more to follow.

  2. OOh red dot!! How exciting... and how fantastic to see your proud smiling face..(unless its an innocent bystander!!)
    Love your textile pieces Kate, combining lots of techniques we have seen in past posts. Really cool too that you have the support of local artists..thats always a good feeling.
    After a hectic week I have saved a whole evening to browse your particular corners of blogland...and now feel thoroughly relaxed excited and inspired, all at once!
    Keep up the abstraction!
    Ali x

  3. Oh wow Kate, how brilliant to see your stunning pieces of texture and sparkle hanging in their rightful place :) Looks amazing! And woohooo for the red dot....the rest will all be snapped up in no time! x

  4. A well deserved red dot for a lovely piece. I love the colour combinations, textures and sparkle...hope the rest of the exhibition continues to go really well for you and rest of your group. How lovely to be part of a creative and supportive group: I'd be fascinated to hear how it came into existence!
    Liz x


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